Updated 1/20/06

Brian Jude has signed on to produce a segment of the upcoming feature-length horror film tentitively title Hung by a Thread.

The segment, "The Blood Shed," by writer/director Alan Rowe Kelly (I'll Bury You Tomorrow), tells the tale of a strange backwoods family who must conceal the skeletons in their closet... or their shed, to be precise! Kelly will also star in the film, along with co-stars Zoe Daelman Chlanda (I'll Bury You Tomorrow), Terry West (Flesh for the Beast), Mike Lane (The Tenement), Jerry Murdock (I'll Bury You Tomorrow), Katherine O'Sullivan, Susie Adriensen (Mingle Mangle), Brian Juergens (Two Story House), Kane Manera (Dead Serious), Sandra Schaller (I'll Bury You Tomorrow) and Joshua Nelson (Strange Things Happen at Sundown).

Filmmakers Rachel Gordon (Bench Warmers) and Jeremiah Kipp (The Christmas Party) join Brian Jude as Producer and Associate Producer respectively. Bart Mastronardi is the Director of Photography.

Production on "The Blood Shed" begins in mid-March 2006.

Tyler Tharpe (Freak, Return in Red) will commence shooting his segment "Crack - Then Split" around the same time, and Michael T. Schneider (Mordum, Opening The Mind) will begin his segment later in the year.

Press: - January 12, 2006