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May 10: Alan Rowe Kellys BLOOD SHED becoming a feature

Writer/director Alan Rowe (I’LL BURY YOU TOMORROW) Kelly gave Fango the news that THE BLOOD SHED, originally intended to be one of three segments of the horror anthology HUNG BY A THREAD (see item here), will now be turned into a feature of its own. “THE BLOOD SHED became the most amazing experience I’ve ever had,” Kelly says, “and the cast/crew were itching for it to grow into something more than a 35-minute piece. We just couldn’t help ourselves! With the addition of an extra scene or two and a possible cameo by scream legend Debbie Rochon, THE BLOOD SHED will be completed around July, and we hope to debut it by September to film festivals.”

THE BLOOD SHED stars Kelly, fellow indie filmmakers Terry M. (SATAN’S SCHOOLGIRLS) West and Joshua (AUNT ROSE) Nelson, Mike (THE TENEMENT) Lane, Susie (Mingle Mangle) Adriensen and Robert Norman (as “Gramma,” pictured below) as a family of deranged backwoods hillbillies who torture and murder men, women and children alike. (One of the brood’s victims is Fango’s Michael Gingold in a brief cameo.) Ken Shupe, Yianna Klentzeris and Ingrid Okola of Gorn FX created the special makeup, which ranges from demented character visages to assorted gruesome violence (including the demise of Sandra Schaller as Nancy, pictured above).

As he sets out to make THE BLOOD SHED its own entity, Kelly assures, “I’m not hanging up HUNG BY A THREAD by any means. I have a new story called A FAR CRY FROM HOME that will fill in the BLOOD SHED’s slot. This story will actually serve the film better and compliment the other stories even more!” A FAR CRY FROM HOME is about a gay couple (to be played by Kelly and DEAD SERIOUS’ Kane Manera) who get lost on a back road in the Pennsylvania wilderness and find themselves at a junk store that sells mystical trinkets and totems. “What they don’t realize,” Kelly explains, “is that the owners of this deep woods establishment aren’t exactly as PC as our young travelling city couple.”

FAR CRY will be lensed by cinematographer Bart Mastronardi, who also shot BLOOD SHED and is about to wrap up his own directorial debut, a genre movie called VINDICATION based on his short of the same title. A FAR CRY FROM HOME will roll late this summer; as for the other THREAD chapters, Michael T. Schneider begins shooting AND THEN I HELPED this month, with Nikki MacIntyre, Tom Colbert, Ben Tatar and Midian Crosby starring, and Tyler Tharpe’s CRACK—THEN SPLIT, toplining Eric James, gets going later this summer.

(Note: "The Blood Shed" was produced by Brian Jude and Rachel Gordon, Associate Produced by Jeremiah Kipp.)