Updated 6/20/06

Below is a casting notice for a small indie feature that Brian Jude is producing. Please send all information to


Blue Eyed Productions is seeking the following major roles for low-budget feature. (Pseudo-documentary / black comedy / psychodrama)

There are kissing scenes of the opposite and same sex. No nudity. Non-union. NYC area.

Male off-screen voice/ voice over (age range 18-25) Smooth, suave voice. Assertive yet kind. A hint of conniving. Some pressuring. Important off-camera presence. Story is through his eyes.

Female 1 - (age range: 18-25) black hair. Goth-like chick. Psychotic. Contradicting personalities. Rough and tough, but charismatic and loving. Quick and hot tempered yet sentimental and soothing.

Female 2 - (age range: 18-25) Italian or Hispanic looking. Resilient, giddy, flirtatious, yet scarred from an abusive childhood. Cigarette smoking scene.

Female 3 - (age range: 18-25) Blond or red head. Blue eyes. Shy. Quiet. Nervous. Inner demons. Inner rage.

To be shot in fall and winter in New Jersey on several weekend shoots. Possible deferred pay. Meals and DVD provided. Send pix and resume to If mailbox is full, please try again later.