Updated 7/26/06

Below is an interview of actress/director Susie Adriensen by Denise Kaminsky. Susie's upcoming film, Under the Raven's Wing is being produced by Brian Jude of Dragon Rider Productions this fall.


Interview with Actress
"Susie Adriensen"

Today I have Susie, an Actress and organizer of Mingle Mangle events who was kind enough to be here to share some insight on her acting career.

Hello Susie, Tell me something about yourself?

Hmmm. What do you want to know? I'm a Cancer Moon-Child. I'm mothering and nurturing and ... crabby! I have a warped sense of humor and I have nightmares ... which give me great ideas for horror movies. I'm the baby of seven children ... to a born-again Catholic mom (usually an oxymoron). I'm happily married to a Dutch/Turkish man and I have two parrots. Oh and one parrot likes to say "Go poop-poop" as a greeting! ... and she's supposed to be the smart one!

What was your inspiration to become an actress?

I always wanted to be an actress since before I can even remember. I think sometimes it's like a real bug that just bites you at an early age. However, I'm not currently seeking acting gigs. I let them come to me. Why? Cause I like the art and I hate the business.

Regarding your new project, "Under the Raven's Wing" could you tell me what the film is based on?

Well, "Under the Raven's Wing" is my behind-the-camera project as I've written the script and plan on directing it. It's been a long time since I actually created a movie, so I'm really excited. It's a pseudo-documentary about three young women with a warped and twisted philosophy and about the murder they committed.

Here's the synopsis:

"Under the Ravens Wing"

A young filmmaker documents the confessions of 3 young women who seduce him into their strange world of the spiritual "dimensions," and of "transcendence" brought on by the murder of an innocent bystander.

The ring leader, Raven, holds everyone in her psychological grip, until her secret is exposed and a power struggle ensues.

We're still toying around with whether it should be a black-comedy or not. When I read the script, I giggle a lot. It's so absurd!

My producer, Brian Jude of Dragon Rider Productions, sees the script differently. I know I should have a definite idea, but we're willing to see what the actors bring to the table (we're auditioning now). Lots of rehearsals will be needed. Regardless, I'm very excited.

I see that you have a role in "The Blood Shed." Tell me about your role in the film?

Well, I play "Sno Cakes." "Sno Cakes" is about 12 years old (or younger) in the body of a 30 year old. That's right! She's inbred! Yep! She's the cousin of Director, Alan Rowe Kelly's role, "Beefteena." Dey are best fwends! And you can't come into da Sno-Cake Tent without knowin' da password!

All kidding aside, working on the set of "The Blood Shed" was one of the best acting experiences I've ever had. I felt so comfortable with the entire cast and crew and I was free to just go where ever "Sno Cakes" wanted to take me. She took me on a crazy ride into the minds of this dysfunctional redneck family - The Bullions - ... from the backwoods of New Jersey. It was great!

What REALLY goes on at the Mingle Mangles and how often do you have them?

Oh! You don't wanna know!!!! LoL!

Basically, a bunch of people with the same interest and commonality of horror filmmaking (and acting, and writing, and composing, and special fxing, and etc., and etc.) all get together at a casual bar or lounge and network and BS about the industry.

We hand out our biz cards, headshots, promotional cards, etc. without ever feeling awkward. I've been to filmmaking mixers and gatherings before and have always felt awkward or felt ... well ... attitudes from others. Not at our Mingle Mangle mixers (at least there better not be! LoL!). There's something about our crowd. We're all on the same page and are willing to give and take advice ... without the judgment.

Oh! And we have occasional screenings in New York City. Be on the look out for those!

One last question, what is one of your favorite films?(It doesnt have to be horror.)

Ok. I'll be different and not mention horror. I won't even give you an art-house film. ONE of my favorite films (cause there are too many to choose) ... that I can watch over and over and over and never be bored ... is ... (drum roll please!) ... BOWFINGER! Why? Because of two fantastic comedians - Steve Martin and Eddie Murphy. Murphy actually plays two very different CRAZY characters! It's great! I recommend it.

"Heavenly Fatha! Heavenly Fatha!" - Murphy in "Bowfinger" as he crosses the street. Just rent it!

I will check it out.

Thanks a bunch Susie, and best of luck with your future projects. -Denise

Interview by Denise Kaminsky - July 2006