Updated 12/18/06

After a temporary hiatus, The Digital Cafe Tour has gone back into post-production! We've just finished a 12-minute preview clip from Irish blues artist Rab McCullough with his original tune "Traveling with the Blues," recorded on October 6, 2006 at the Keltic House in Fishkill, New York. It's our first official "Clip of the Week," which you can view at!

Later this week, we'll post clips from our recent concert at The Cutting Room in New York City, with artists such as DCT host band Friday's Child, The Devil Machine and The Blue Jackets!

The concert itself was a DCT milestone:

Friday's Child debuted a whole boatload of new songs and was joined by Kevin Jahoda, drummer and founder of Surrey Lane, on percussion.

The Devil Machine invited Everlounge (formerly Whirling Dervishes) frontman Don Dazzo to come up for two songs, and lead singer/bass player Joe Rowley and backing vocalist/percussionis Amy Gruber Phillips are Everlounge members as well.

Actor/Director Ed Burns plays guitar in The Blue Jackets, and the band was awesome! Ed is a multi-talented guy and a fine guitar player!

Michael Stipe from REM, Chris Martin from Coldplay and model Helena Christensen were in the audience, along with a few other celebs.

Thanks to Cheryl Rivas at Extended Stay Marriott, West Orange, NJ for putting up our VIP's! Thanks to Lou Vito from Fender for securing The Cutting Room for this show and bringing The Devil Machine to play!

What's next for DCT? Well, we still have the rest of the 2006 concerts to edit - look for the full-length "podconcerts" in 2007 to be availaible for downloading to your computer, MP3 player or cell phone! We're also working on setting up more events at The Cutting Room and other venues, with more local, regional and national/international indie artists to come! Finally, we'll be doing behind-the-scenes interviews for our Broaden Your Band series, including an up-close and personal interview with Rab McCullough!

In the meantime, please keep VISITING US at, and please pass it on!