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Featuring music by Carrie Engdahl and Otto's Daughter!

Under the Raven's Wing is a Blue Eyed Productions film, written and directed by Susan Adriensen, produced by Susan Adriensen and Brian Jude, co-producers Sophia Eptamenitis and Rachel Gordon and associate producer Kimberly Amato.

This "psuedo-documentary" is about a young filmmaker who documents the murder confessions of three young women who seduce him into their strange world of spiritual "dimensions" and "transcendence." The ring leader, Raven, holds everyone in her psychological grip, until her secret is exposed and a power struggle ensues. The film stars Coy DeLuca as "The Director," Kimberly Amato as the manipulating Raven, Kamilla Sofie Sadekova as the rebellious Angel, and Jessica Pallatte as the impressionable Jessie. Cameos by Susan Adriensen, Sophia Eptamenitis, Carrie Engdahl and Melanie Canter.

Check out http://www.undertheravenswing.com for post-production updates, and screening/festival information, cast interviews and more! And if you dare to join "The Order," add the Under the Raven's Wing MySpace Page to your profile!

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Brian Jude will represent the Digital Cafe Tour, along with executive producer Tom Walker and other members of the DCT team, as they host a panel at PodCamp NYC called The Key Ingredients to a Professional Quality Videocast, on April 7th. Following the day's events, DCT will sponsor a networking event, during which PodCamp NYC will present large-screen DCT clips, along with clips from other great artists involved with PodCamp who are using new media to distribute their videos.

PodCamp NYC is a FREE unconference dedicated to podcasting, blogging and other new/social media. Register now! And if you want, sign up to speak!

Visit http://www.digitalcafetour.com for more information, videos, and ticket info for the March 23 show at NYC's The Cutting Room with Friday's Child, Laura Dodd and Jodi Shaw!



Jeremiah Kipp's "The Pod" received an excellent notice in the latest issue of print magazine Shock Cinema (#32, with Ronny Cox of "Total Recall" and "Deliverance" and Tim Thomerson from "Near Dark" on the cover). "The Pod" is a short film produced under Kipp Miller Productions by Brian Jude and James Felix McKenney, and written by Carl Kelsch.

Here's what critic Steve Puchalski had to say:

THE POD (2006). The latest short film from director Jeremiah Kipp quickly thrusts the viewer into territory worthy of early Cronenberg, by using an unpredictable new underground drug as a crowbar into a dysfunctional relationship. "The Pod" is recommended only for couples with a deep connection, and Jonas (Emanuele Ancorini) is desperate to snag a hit of this stuff. You see, he's a tattooed urban deadbeat, his girlfriend Caroline (Mary Remington) is on the verge of a suburbia-bound break-up, and he's betting that this drug will keep them together. Gosh, that's a brilliant idea! After Jonas pressures Caroline into taking half of The Pod (alone!), let the hallucinations begin! Soon she's wandering the city streets, searching for her MIA lesser-half, tripped out of her pretty l'il mind, and watching passersby mutating. Obviously she's in way over her head. When she finally locates dumb-ass Jonas, it's not going to be pretty. The film boasts outstanding production values and some wonderfully altered moments, but writer Carl Kelsch's potentially fascinating concept has little time to develop in only 20 minutes. With all of this unsettling ambiance, we're primed to expect the worst, so its pay-off is a bit of an emotional letdown. Nevertheless, this is a beautifully constructed short fueled by addictive co-dependency, and exceptional performances, including Larry Fessenden as deliciously creepy "pod" dealer Telly, who warns Jonas of the potential consequences, even as he seduces him into a dose.

In October, 2006, filmthreat.com gave "The Pod" a four-star review. Check it out here: http://filmthreat.com/index.php?section=reviews&Id=9359.